Rules and general conditions



ARTICLE 1 - Generally speaking, no one may use the sports facilities if he/she is not in good standing with the treasury. Tennis Event asbl reserves the right to publish and display the names of members who have not paid their membership fees within two months of the start of the season.


ARTICLE 2 - Any candidate-member will have to create an account on the site He will indicate there, in a precise way, his name, first name, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail address.Any change of address must be communicated by the members as soon as possible.

ARTICLE 3 - The fact of proceeding to the payment on the Internet site implies, for the candidate-member, the knowledge of the present rules, and the complete acceptance and without reserve of their various prescriptions.

ARTICLE 4 - Any admission is provisional; it may be rejected at any time by Tennis Event asbl, without prior notice or warning.Tennis Event asbl will make its own decision; its decision is final and does not require any justification. The membership fee of the non-admitted member will be reimbursed "pro rata temporis".

ARTICLE 5 - Any member wishing to resign must do so in writing and provide medical justification.Tennis Event asbl reserves the right to use all legal means to recover the debt


ARTICLE 6 - The use of the club's sports facilities is reserved for members, their spouses or parents, and their guests.

ARTICLE 7 - Attendance at the club is only permitted for the purpose of sport and recreation.It is therefore expressly forbidden to engage, in any form whatsoever, in professional or lucrative operations or in demonstrations of a political, religious or religious nature.Perfectly correct dress and conduct are required.

ARTICLE 8 - Each member has the right to invite, during a financial year, in his presence, a maximum of five times the same person or ten times a different person.This number does not include guests who, following their visit, become members of Tennis Event asbl.A fixed fee determined by Tennis Event asbl will be paid spontaneously for the practice of tennis by guests. Payment will be made via the member's virtual wallet at the time of booking, or otherwise to the secretariat. The host member will be made personally responsible for the non-observance of this regulation as well as for any damage caused by his guests.

ARTICLE 9 - Guests shall enjoy, during their stay at the club, the same advantages and shall be subject to the same rules as members.

ARTICLE 10 - Members in good standing may reserve courts up to a maximum of 1 week in advance. A maximum limit of 2 hours of simultaneous active reservations (not yet played) is imposed on members. Unreserved courts may be occupied by members without limitation, unless otherwise decided by Tennis Event asbl.



ARTICLE 11 - Members are responsible for any damage they may cause, intentionally or not, to the installations, plantations, equipment and other club property.In the event of deliberate damage, in addition to the cost of repair or replacement, Tennis Event asbl will take disciplinary action against the person responsible. In the absence of an agreement between the members responsible and Tennis Event asbl, the latter will deal with the case according to common law.


ARTICLE 12 - Members are urged not to leave valuables in the changing rooms. Secure lockers are available at the exit of the locker rooms to store personal belongings while playing tennis.Lost and found items will be kept at the disposal of their owners for 3 months.After this period, they will be considered as abandoned.

ARTICLE 13 - Members are requested, in the common interest, to respect the cleanliness of the changing rooms and toilets, to close the taps properly after use and to close the doors when they are the last to leave the changing room. Smoking is not permitted in the changing rooms, nor is it permitted to bring in glasses or bottles.


ARTICLE 14 - It is strictly forbidden to pick flowers, to climb trees, to throw papers or rubbish, in a word to damage or modify in any way the natural areas surrounding the club.

ARTICLE 15 - The furniture of the club-house and/or the terrace may not be moved to the edge of the grounds or to another place, except by the manager on the occasion of exceptional events.

ARTICLE 16 - It is forbidden to ride a bicycle or motorbike inside the property.

ARTICLE 17 - Cars, motorbikes and bicycles must be parked in the areas reserved for this purpose.The entry and exit of vehicles must be done very slowly. The parking of cars shall be done in a rational way, so as to allow the maximum use of the available space and not to hinder the movement of other cars.

ARTICLE 18 - Dogs must be kept on a lead inside the property.


ARTICLE 19 - In general, members are advised not to wear sportswear in the "restaurant" area.

ARTICLE 20 - No equipment, sports equipment or clothing may be deposited in any place other than those designated for this purpose. Sports bags must be deposited in the lockers secured for this purpose, in the changing rooms or left outside.

ARTICLE 21 - With the exception of raffles or lotteries authorised by the club, gambling is strictly forbidden in the club premises.



ARTICLE 22 - The tennis season begins in principle on 1 April of each year. Tennis Event asbl sets the rules for the occupation and reservation of courts.


ARTICLE 23 - A programme of lessons is included in the membership fee. This is chosen by the future member on the website . The schedule is chosen among the different proposals and accepted as soon as the payment is made. In case of absence, it is lost.


ARTICLE 24 - The authority of Tennis Event asbl is sovereign in this matter. All members are forbidden, for the present and for the future, to bring any action before the courts for any questions relating to the application of the present rules.


ARTICLE 25 - Tennis Event asbl declines all responsibility for loss, fire, misappropriation or removal of objects left or abandoned in the changing rooms or any other part of the facilities. It also declines all responsibility for accidents to members and visitors, including during the practice of a sport either by members or by other players.


ARTICLE 26 - All cases not provided for in the present regulations will be decided by Tennis Event asbl. Tennis Event asbl reserves the right to add or remove from the present rules any clause which may be necessary or no longer applicable.

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