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27 Jun 2022
01 Jul 2022
a4tp camp


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  • € 175.00 / 5 days
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    Frequently asked questions

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    • What are the payment methods?
      We accept the following payment methods: visa, mastercard and bancontact. Do you have a specific proposal for a different payment method, let us know at
    • What is the difference between backhand and forehand?
      Forehand is played with the hand moving palm-first, Backhand is played with the back of the hand preceding the palm.
    • How are points counted in the tennis?
      Tennis is played on sets and games. One set is consisting of games. Set is finished when the player wins six games. The game is won when a player wins four points, with the difference between a win and lost points is at least two. Counting goes similar like in watches: 15, 30, 40, win. In case both players won three points and the score is 40:40, then extra points are played. Whoever wins two points in a row, wins a game.
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